Illuminated Signs

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Illuminated Signs

Illuminated Signs | Sign Trade Professionals - Newark, NJ

Illuminated signs are a great way to keep the public informed about your business. Their brightness makes your location and message visible in all conditions, both day and night, and they have a sleek, modern look that grabs the attention of passersby.

At Sign Trade Professionals, we design, manufacture, and maintain high quality illuminated signs for all kinds of businesses and situations. Our team works to make sure your sign is visible, informative, and meets all of the requirements of your building and electrical codes. We pride ourselves on creating illuminated signs that are durable and continue to look great over the years, despite their exposure to the elements.

We design, manufacture, and install the following types of illuminated signs:

LED Signs—LED signage provides your business with an incredibly bright and crisp way to communicate your message. In addition to possessing a clarity that can cut through the dark, rainy nights we sometimes see in Newark, NJ, LED signs are an energy efficient form of illuminated signage that saves your business money in the long run. Clean, modern, and bright, LED signs make a great impression on your potential customers.
Neon Signs—Neon signs have a style and character all their own, and are sure to grab the attention of customers. Their bright, colorful appearance always produces a striking impression and creates an atmosphere of excitement. The team at Sign Trade Professionals has years of experience designing and fabricating creative, fascinating looking neon signs, and we can provide your business with this form of signage as well.

An illuminated sign is an important investment for your business, so you should take the time and effort to choose one that makes a good impression and that will hold up well over time. Sign Trade Professionals works hard to ensure every sign we design, manufacture, and install is safe, looks great, and is optimally placed to grab the attention of the public. Call us and find out what a new illuminated sign can do for you today!