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Illuminated Signs

Illuminated Signs | Sign Trade Professionals - Newark, NJ

Illuminated signs are a great way to keep the public informed about your business. Their brightness makes your location and message...

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Sign Repair

Sign Repair | Sign Trade Professionals - Newark, NJ

Would you hesitate before entrusting your business to an auto mechanic or dentist whose establishment’s sign has burned-out lighting...

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Sign Manufacturer

Sign Manufacturer | Sign Trade Professionals - Newark, NJ,NJ

Because your sign speaks volumes about your business, you need to be sure that you have a sign that is both well-constructed and presents...

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Welcome To Sign Trade Professionals

When a potential customer looks at your business, what do they see? A modern, efficient enterprise that communicates its message and values clearly? Or an indifferent establishment that can’t be bothered to update or maintain its public image? In most cases, your business’ sign tells customers everything they need to know.

Sign Trade Professionals fulfills all of the signage needs for businesses and individuals in the Newark, NJ, area. We provide illuminated signs, including signs made from LED and neon, as well as architectural signs, billboards, awnings, wall signs, reader boards, and more. From design and manufacturing to installation and maintenance, we’re with you every step of the way.

At Sign Trade Professionals, our slogan is: “When your sign looks good, your business looks good.” Because your sign is the public face of your business it’s important to make sure it is working as hard as it can to promote your image. For first-time customers or people who are unfamiliar with your business other than passing it by on the street, your sign is one of the main factors informing their impression of the products and services you provide. To grow your business, you need to ensure this impression is a good one.

Sign Trade Professionals provides your business with everything you need to inform the public and make good impressions on potential clients. Our expert designers work in close consultation with you to achieve the look that fits the specific needs of your enterprise and is compliant with your local signage codes and ordinances. We then fabricate your sign and help you install it. Finally, we provide ongoing maintenance for all of your signs, so your message remains clear and your image stays fresh.

When the public looks at your business, make sure they see what you want them to see. Call Sign Trade Professionals for a consultation today!

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